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 Fun Working Trials Classes

Teach your dog to retrieve, sendaway, search for and return articles, track,  and tackle trials jumps.  Other exercises include a formal recall, sit and down stays and heelwork both on and off lead. 

This class covers some of the exercises included in the first level of working trials competition.  It is aimed at those doing it for fun but we may also run groups for those wishing to go on to compete if we get enough interest!

These courses consist of four training sessions with a maximum of four dogs per group.  Cost is £60.

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Nosework Courses

Teach your dog to search for and identify different scents.  Learn Tracking, this includes how to lay tracks and teach your dog to follow them and find articles on the track.

Dogs love to use their noses and to teach your to search for things for you will give your dog mental challenges and improve your relationship and bond.